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11-02-2019 11:41

Demoing and tracking of FORSTENET I

This weekend we have been test-tracking the bass, guitars, horns, keys and vocals. We have done so in order to perfect every note and sound on or upcoming record. The progress we have been making is very positive and we are really looking forward to getting the record mixed and mastered, so we can show it to you guys! As for now it seems we will meet our deadlines. We will begin the proper tracking in the beginning of March, where we will also get the mix and master done, and then we expect the album to be released in May/June 2019! When that time comes, we will obviously make a huge release party, which we sincerely hope some of you will attent to! Until then you can stay tuned on this webpage or on our Facebook for more updates in connection with the album and upcoming concerts!